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Crime rates soar

Wyl Menmuir, Booker Prize longlisted in 2016 for The Many, was recently mugged. The experience,

Shuggie rules

Of course the Booker Prize can’t take all of the credit but is happy none the less to bask in

Exam time nerves

Top marks to Salman Rushdie and Bernardine Evaristo, Booker Prize winners both. They have been

From Judging Room to Living...

The Booker Prizes are delighted to announce 'From Judging Room to Living Room' - our new,

Help is at hand

Since the International Booker Prize shortlist has only recently been revealed, readers won’t

The Booker Prize Foundation...

2021 International Booker Prize Actor Readings with RSC
The Booker Prize Foundation is excited to announce a creative partnership with the Royal